Getting started on a project Inquiry from a Newbie

Hi there, Just joined few days ago. It looks like the community can provide feedback on a personal project I am working on. Truthfully, it’s hard to get started on any personal project because I don’t know where to begin and it feels intimidating! However, I only have until September until heavy fall recruiting begins. Do you have tips, advice or resources how to get started?

FYI Biggest hurdle for me is I get anxious if my program does not work. Did anyone experience this so far and how did you overcome?

@bettyong: Yes we can. Simply create another new topic under the Non DQ Courses category and upload your notebook or link to your github as per these guidelines.

Here are some videos that may give you some inspiration:

This is normal for all beginners. If it fails, try to understand why it doesn’t work. Google the error, think about the possible causes based on your own knowledge and should those fail ask this community about it.
Hope this helps!