Git on Anaconda- Otherwise! What's alternative?

Dear All,

I have this question in my mind from longtime. Is “git” mandatory to have on local system for modifying / making changes to our repositories etc.
If yes, can we install git package in Anaconda Prompt and work accordingly? OR
Do we need to install “git” separately on our system? Incase, if we install we’ll have two command prompts on our system which might create difficulty , because I am quite unsure how we can manage our directories, path variables etc on both prompts.

I tried to google on the same thing but i didn’t find any accurate responses… Anyone from our community would guide me on this thing please?

Thanks in advance for your help.



Is “git” mandatory to have on local system for modifying / making changes to our repositories etc.

You can also edit in github UI to stay remote, useful for simple pull requests, where you don’t want to go 1 circle pulling everything to local system, edit, push back to remote.

I never tried anaconda git, on windows i use git bash, on Mac i use brew install git.

What do you mean you will have 2 prompts in case of installing git? Even before installing anaconda git, assuming you use windows, you already have 2 prompts after installing anaconda (default cmd + anaconda prompt) no matter you have git or not. If you trace what the shortcuts are doing to create anaconda prompt, you can see it’s basically starting from the default cmd + 2 more commands to transform to anaconda prompt, so these 2 prompts are not too far apart. If the 2 prompts you refer to are cmd/anaconda + git bash prompt, then if you want to use git bash, have to learn the linux style commands. Put the commands as your desktop background for daily review.

In the same OS, default cmd + anaconda prompt work the same, use the same bash commands to cd, ls/dir, export/set

In Mac, all prompts can start in a single default Terminal application.


HI @prasadkalyan05

Do not forget that GIT is just a console application on your PC you can call it even from Jupiter Notebook.

The same as from Prompt.

Besides, you can use alternative IDEs - for example, Studio Visual Code already supports code execution like Jupiter Notebook with hot console access, and therefore Git


Hey @hanqi

Thank you for your response…
I have installed Linux on my computer which has git integration already. Hopefully, I’ll try to implement them now and also we’ll experience your suggestion as well and see whichever works for me


Cool. I’ll also explore VS code . Thank you!