Given answer does not answer the question

the question asks for the “name of the game” but the model answer is the whole row of data.

also, i dont seem to be able to tag this properly as 1000331-2. i keep getting “no matches found”


I agree with you, I think the question is not specified correctly, they likely want to row corresponding to the most popular game, not just the name.

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also, the question asks for the most “global sales” but the given answer is for the most “other sales”

Yeah, it’s an issue on their end. This has been reported before and they have logged it, but doesn’t seem like a fix has been presented so far. Python Data Analysis Basics Practice Problems - Game Sales 1 - 1000331-2

For the time being, I guess, just use the Contact Us button on the top-right of this page to report this (and any other issues) to them. Hopefully, they will fix them soon.


Hi @LindyHan,

We have fixed this issue! :tada:


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