Glade to Share My thoughts about DATAQUEST course entitled "Data Scientist In Python"

Hey there,
Hope, everyone is passing a good time with DATAQUEST.
A few days ago, I have started my course on data science in DATAQUEST. Before joining DATAQUEST, I have created some models of machine learning and data science. Along the journey, I have faced some problems and found out that I need some expertizes to be a data scientist, basically, to work with machine learning models. Though I have a clear concept of Machine Learning algorithms, I was not satisfied with that. I think a person should know the following things to design a perfect ML model:

Mathematical and Statistical knowledge

1.Basics of Statistics 
2. Linear Algebra
3. Basic Calculus
4. Probability

Programming Knowledge

1. Basic Data structure and algorithm knowledge.
2. Data preprocessing
3. Data visualization
4. Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithms

I have all the knowledge except data preprocessing and visualization. I have been searching for a suitable course for data preprocessing and visualization. I have done some courses in COURSERA but not satisfied.
After enrolling in DATAQUEST, I have found out that the course is designed as expected. :relaxed:
Maybe it would be better if I could get introduced to DATAQUEST at the very beginning.



@Zubair A lot of that resonates with me! I can relate to the regret for not having found DataQuest much sooner :rofl:

My first online learning experience began with a specialization program on Coursera that almost sapped all my interest in the field (before my career even kicked off!). So when I went from what was a painfully boring and horrendously put together program to what is probably the gold standard for online Data Science education, I was definitely kicking myself for not having tried to look for it in the first place! By the time I was midway through my first guided project (the one on App Profitability - ah that’s so nostalgic now :blush:) I had already firmly settled on subscribing.


@blueberrypudding85 I am an undergraduate student of CS. I got introduced to ML a few months ago while working with my lecturer. Before that, I even didn’t know what ML is! Subconsciously, I got addicted to ML. I started to hover over too many online sites and found out that the Machine Learning course of Andrew Ng is the best. And completed that course. It is obviously the best course for the basics of ML but it is not a complete package. Then I enrolled in some of the specialization courses. They are not that much effective. After getting familiar with Dataquest, I left all of the courses. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Zubair @blueberrypudding85 I’m a Web Developer and completely new to the Data Science world. But I am really curious about it and I want to dive into it because of personal interest as well as potential future job market possibilities in fields like Data Analysis, AI, ML and DL.

So a couple of weeks ago I started to research about how to learn it properly including books, online courses and so on and so forth. And the supply on courses is HUGE! It is so difficult to find out what is good or not and where even to start. Everybody seems to have an opinion on how to learn it properly. Some say you should learn the math first, statistics, linear algebra and calculus. While others say you should learn the programming, algorithms and data structures first (which I’m already familiar with). Again other people say start doing practical things immediately and deepen your knowledge on the fly.

In my opinion, in the end, you need to know it all. There is no way around it. For me it’s just important that I follow a clear path where I can apply things immediately, even if it’s not that sophisticated in the beginning and I don’t lose motivation by reading a 700 page textbook on linear algebra without any context. I’m still very new to Dataquest but I think they fit my needs quite well. So for the beginning I’ll stick to it and follow their paths. I think I can learn quite a lot here and after that I probably can make better decisions when it comes to what and where to learn next.

But now to my question. What other courses outside of Dataquest can you recommend and what courses should be better avoided and for what reasons. It’s not about promoting courses outside of Dataquest or mocking any courses. It’s just good to know for any beginner.


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@Benny1158 I am also novice in the field of data science.
I think the requirement of mathematics and statistics is not in advance level. Your college degree may fulfill the requirement of mathematics and statistics of data science. Deep knowledge may be needed for research purposes.

For basic knowledge of machine learning,ML Course of Andrew Ng offered by coursera is the best. For deep learning, the specialization course of coursera “” is the best.
After that you may find out very effective course in Udemy according to the ratings.

“Hands on machine learning with scikit-learn and tensorflow” is the best book that I have ever seen…

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