Going back to the first project

Hi everyone,

When I started the Data Scientist path, I skipped the Python step since I just did a python course from Udemy. So I’m going back and finishing the ‘first’ guided project ‘last’ after finishing the path.

I have to admit I’m almost glad I didn’t start with this project, cause man it was A LOT.

I deviated from the guides with the analyzing steps and came to different conclusions. In the solution, the conclusion comes to making apps with popular books. Which imo is not very realistic cause development would be the easiest part, the real challenge lies in publishing rights…

My feeling after this project is, libraries are the best. :joy: I was in agony analyzing without pandas and visualizations.

I’d appreciate any feedback as always. :heart:

Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets.ipynb (89.2 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @veratsien, congratulations for the well organized and presented project. This project, was the first project I encounter with in this platform like 3 months ago. Following what you have done , I will have to get back to my project for more styling. Good work indeed keep it up!

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@brayanopiyo18 thank you for your compliment. I can’t imagine having this project as the first… It just feels too much for a beginner. :joy:

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@veratsien, I thought the same since working with two different datasets and trying to relate both of them for a beginner is not that fair.

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Really liked the logic (loops and string formatting) used to created nicely formatted output! Some say don’t worry too much about output formatting but as someone who appreciates effective visualizations I can’t help but spend more time than I probably should in formatting output.

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Thank you, Chris! I’m definitely with you on better formatting & visualizations. For one thing, it helps me to keep a clear mind with the analysis. I just started programming this year so I want to start off with good habits.

Something I get out of reading the book Clean Code by Robert Cecil Martin: it doesn’t seem important at the time and it takes diligence to comment and format your code better but it will save you time in the lifetime of the product. I think it’s a good habit to have especially if you work with a team.