Google Colab Interative Table Not Working

Hello, guys!

I’m trying to create interative tables from Pandas data frames at Google Colab:

According to the own Colab tutorial, to have a result like this one above we just have to insert this code in a cell and run it:

%load_ext google.colab.data_table

But when I try, it’s not working:

Any thoughts on what may be preventing my data frame from be shown as a interative table?

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Hi @phssaraiva:

Is this the way you loaded your dataset into colab? May I know the sources of your data?

Anyways, according to this article you can disable it.

disable it with %unload_ext google.colab.data_table

Hope this helps!

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I loaded the data directly from a Google Drive folder inside the Colab Notebooks cover created by the drive itself.

Does the command I provided work?

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