Google Play Store data set for the Profitable App Profiles Guided Project

Hi, I am attempting the Guided Project stated above, and came across an issue.

I am supposed to convert the number of reviews to the float data type, but there was an error when I did that. The error message is a ValueError: could not convert string to float: “3.0M”. Out of curiosity, I did a quick For Loop to identify the row with 3.0M in the Column number of reviews. I have attached a screenshot for reference. The data in the row i.e. Life Made WI-Fi Touchscreen Photo Frame seems to be in a mess.

What do I do in this case?

And, if I am analysing a set of data at work and I come across such instance, do I remove it from my dataset?

To remove a particular row, you have to know it’s position (i.e. row number) in the list and then you can use delete function:
del dataset_name[row_number]
e.g. to remove the 100th row from my disco’s list of list, I’d use del disco[100]

Also, the string can’t be converted to a float because it contains a letter, M. You might want to check this page on how to remove characters from a string moving forward. Cheers!