GP_7 : Analyzing NYC High School Data


I had fun working on the 7th guided project on my Dataquest journey.
The project analyses the NYC’s high-school data to produce some interesting insights.

As always,
Do go through and comment! :smile:

Analyzing NYC High School Data.ipynb (289.7 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @shubhkirti.prasad

What another wonderful project! on Analyzing NYS High School Data. Have took couples of hours reading through your work and other than having fun, I have gained a lot. The introduction was so unique, and I therefore decided to explore every step you performed. The information background about SAT is just excellent, the comments have been well explained and presented, the explanations given in the markdown cell are so cool. I love your conclusion, you have presented every findings in a well organized manner and they are so informing.

You have worked on correlation perfectly, though I am still figuring out why you decided to exclude the week correlations( between -0.25 to 0.25) in your analysis, maybe you can brief me :thinking:. Reading a link into pandas is one of the new concepts have gained while going through your project( that is, the workings in cell[26]).A lot of facts have been exposed in your analysis and I think the visualizations aided to this, they are so admirable. keep it up buddy :call_me_hand:, the entire presentation is just perfect.

Just a suggestion, you haven’t include the tittle of your project or is it this ’ Is the SAT a fair test?`, I don’t think having it inform of a question is a good idea,please recheck on that.

Otherwise to me , everything looks okay and just congratulating you mate for the good work!

Happy learning!


Hey @brayanopiyo18 !

Thanks a lot these kind and motivational words !

About the weak correlations, we were generally trying to find strong correlations between the variables, since I didn’t want to crowd the variables, I chose to drop the weaker correlations. :slightly_smiling_face:
Also, I was just trying to make the title a bit more intriguing :joy: I shall work on your suggestions asap!

Thanks alot again!

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Thanks @shubhkirti.prasad for further clarification both on weak correlation and title. I arrest my case :joy:

Happy codding!