GP_8 : STARRING the : 'WARS'


I had fun working on the 8th guided project on my Dataquest journey.
This project was captured my interests deeply :joy:
I am an avid Star Wars fan, and hence know who shot first… DO YOU?

Do go through and comment! :smile:

Star_Wars.ipynb (436.9 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

I am such an avid fan of the franchise that I know why we both believe Han shot first while this survey indicates the answer is quite ambiguous! Have you tried grouping the data by fans and non-fans to see the difference in their answer to this question?

One small suggestion for your bar plots would be to rotate the x labels when possible to increase readability.

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Hey @mathmike314
Thanks for the insight about grouping the data! Made it all the more interesting !
I shall keep your suggestions in mind while working on my next project.
Thanks alot !

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