GP_9 : Analyzing CIA Factbook Data (SQL)

Greetings !

Here goes the 9th guided project of my Dataquest journey.
I found SQL extremely fun to work with !

Do go through and comment :smile:


Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL .ipynb (34.4 KB)

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Hi @shubhkirti.prasad

Thanks for sharing another project on Analyzing CIA Factbook .Honestly I love the pace at which you are working on your projects , this displays how commitment you are on your learning path, keep it up mate. The whole project is well presented, the aim is well distinguished, the analysis walkthrough is so informative , a lot of facts have been exposed. you have done great job in the conclusion, those stylings are excellent . Have got few suggestions :yum:;

  • I think you could have created the subtopic for the statistic elements like minimum population, don’t think if listing them is enough.
  • Also, you ought to have given rough explanations on some of the outputs for example, why China has got the highest population or why Bangladesh considered to be the most densely populated country and so on…

Otherwise congratulations for submitting a well defined and organized project, and by the way, this project contained a lot of areas to be explored like birth rate, death rate and so on, you will surely interact with very interesting facts…

Happy Learning!

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Hey @brayanopiyo18

Thanks again for your kind words and constant motivation !

Your suggestions are always appreciated, and I will make sure that I work on them :grin:


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