GP_Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL

Hello Everyone,

I would like to share my CIA Factbook project here. I have tried to answer all the questions suggested by Dataquest towards the end of this exercise. All constructive feedbacks are welcome.


GP_Analyzing CIA Factbook Data Using SQL.ipynb (44.6 KB)

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Hi @viveksinghiitd05
Welcome to this community and congratulation for having completed the project on analyzing CIA factbook. your project really looks good and I love how you have presented your work. I can see , you have gone an extra mile by performing on other task like the death rate, birth rate and so on.
having said that, have only one suggestion;

  • Your projects lacks a conclusion. If you check the introduction , you have got couples of task, So it would have been better if you summarize these task(in the conclusion) for example , what can you tell about the generated statistics?.

Otherwise to me, everything looks nice and wishing you a happy learning!

That’s a good point. I will try to include a summary there.

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Hi @viveksinghiitd05 Thank you for sharing your project. I am trying to explore the dataset, however it seems that CIA has removed it from their site? Could you please send me your dataset? my email is [email protected]

Thank you so much!