GP: Clean and Analyze Employee Exit Surveys ++

I share with you the development of the guided project n ° 07.

I appreciate your suggestions and comments for improvement.

Happy coding!!

Clean_and_Analize_Employee_Exit_Surveys.ipynb (582.9 KB)

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  1. noticed that you’re deleting objects, after you’re done with them - that’s a good habit - think you should start using gc.collect() to clear the memory, article: 2 Different Ways to Clear Memory in Python - Python Pool

  2. Maybe it’s just me but it feels like the notebook is loooong, I think that in a few examples you didnt have to display so many rows

  • I always start with a ridiculously long notebook and trim it a lot before publishing - it’s always hard, because you want to show/ tell so much but on the other side if you put too much in there not many will read it or get to the very end
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Hi @adam.kubalica !

Thanks for your comment!

Indeed, I did notice how long the notebook turned out to be. My intention was to show the development in detail. However, in these days, I have realized that I could have improved my strategy and therefore summarized the number of cells in the notebook. I will keep this in mind for the next projects.

I thank you also for the article you shared. I did not know about it. I will read it and put it into practice. I’m sure it will be very useful for those of us starting out here in the community.

Have a nice day! and … Happy coding!!

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