GP Stock Market: Making Predictions Further Away than a Day?

Hi community members,

In this guided proyect for which there isn’t a given solution, I used many information of @ivelinagenova and @jafarinasim guided proyects. So firsly I want to thank them for sharing these great proyects. I invite you to visit their proyects: [here] (Predicting Stock Market Guided Project) and here respectively.

The two new contributions I have added in my proyect are:

  • A k-cross fold validation for the prediction model, that I realized it doesn’t have much sense in this proyect. I know it doesn’t help much but not all ideas are good. :grimacing: At least it could serve others not to use it. My conclusion about why this validation don’t work here, is because de dependency of the observations. But I would like to know your opinion too.

  • Another new idea that ocurred to me while working in this proyect was to try to make predictions further than one day ahead.
    I think in the real world it would be very useful and profitable too.
    This idea wasn’t easy to develop for me at all. If you are curious it is al the final section of my proyect and use a nested function. I know it is not easy to follow but I couldn’t find another easier way. Again, if you have another easier solution please tell me.

I hope my proyect would be useful for you if you are working in this proyect. Your feedback is welcome.

Many thanks, and sorry for any posible misspellings.

Daniel :crystal_ball:

PSM.ipynb (55.6 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for sharing your project! It looks great: very well-structured and well-commented, good emphasizing of the most important observations, cool story-telling style, profound data analysis and interesting ideas, good function-naming, and clean code.

A few suggestions to you, hopefully helpful:

  • Please add a conclusion to summarize the most important insights obtained in your project.
  • I would suggest you to substitute ''you" with “we”, for the sake of consistency. I saw it somewhere in your project.
  • It’s better to re-run the whole project when it’s already completed, to have all the code cells in order and starting from 1.
  • Another good practice is to delete all the commented-out pieces of code, since they don’t serve anymore.

Great job indeed, congratulations!


Many thanks @Elena_Kosourova for your comments! I take good note of your suggestions.


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