Gp visualization of earnings based on college and gender

Hey everyone.

I’m sharing with you my 4th guided project. Hope anyone can give any feedback about it.

My last mission screen:

Visualizing_Earnings_Based_On_College.ipynb (401.8 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi Lucas, really nice project! I really like your storytelling/formatting of your notebook. Your use of headers, bullets, and block quotes really makes it easy to scan your project and pull out the things I want to see/read. I also really liked your style of producing analytics and then posting your analysis under ‘OBSERVATIONS’. Very nice flow.

That being said, I noticed a few things to improve upon those strengths:

  • it looks like you may have used three apostrophes (’’’) to create your block quotes as opposed to three backticks (```) and this creates for some strange outputs when you run the cell. Check the outputs for “cell 15” and “cell 19” in your notebook to see what I mean.
  • this might just be me being picky…but…I like to see a verifiable “conclusion” at the end of a long read and you do have a bit of one there but it’s under “Observations” and it feels a little light. Your introduction to the project is so strong and I can feel your passion on the subject you/we are about to tackle. I would love to see that same energy in a clearly labelled conclusion.

Please feel free to critique my project on the same subject and offer me some ways to improve as well: GP Feedback: Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors

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