GP: Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors. Feedbacks appreciated

Hello everyone. This is the first project I share here in the community so I’m both excited and at the same time very nervous. I followed the guidelines suggested in the mission but sometimes I didn’t entirely adhere to them and went my own way.
It took me a long time putting everything together and I’m really curious to see what people think about it. In particular I’d appreciate feedbacks on my writing style and my analysis skills.
Thanks everyone in advance.

my_project_2.0.ipynb (347.8 KB)

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Hello @gbpignatti5! Thanks for sharing:) You did a good and funny work. I enjoyed reading your project (especially the narattives).

Here is some feedback:

  • Your project lacks sections, if you add them it will improve readability.
  • In the code cell 10 your code: recent_grads = cleaned_recent_grads. You may just use the new variable instead of reassigning it back to the original variable. Who knows if you will need the original dataframe.
  • You did a great data cleaning work by noticing strange values in the Unemployed and Unemployed rate columns.
  • Your plots lack axes labels, and you can also use light-grey vs. another color scheme to attract attention to the most important data (like “Engineering is by far the category of major that makes you more rich”).
  • You comment your code! It’s a useful habit.
  • Try to use less saturated colors for your bar plots, although some of your code blocks have no comments.
  • You can bold the most important insight you had in the conclusions:)

That’s all for me.

Happy coding;)