GP - Visualizing The Gender Gap In College Degrees (all plots in one loop w/o repetitions)

I tried to plot all charts in one loop without using repetition (via calculation figure’s number).

My question to community - how can this be done in a more elegant and understandable way?

Basics.ipynb (184.6 KB)

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Someone solved it. You may be comfortable with the method. See here

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Thank you for reply, Monorienaghogho. I already did this (added all plots in one loop - 6 rows and 3 columns). But I want to ask if the same can be done in a better way (more easy and readable). And to be honest the way in post that you suggested doesn’t seem different than my own approach (the only difference is using additional function).


I think your method is very good.

If you find a better method, please share!

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Monorien Aghogho, thank you very much for your appreciation.
I will if find any.

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