GP: Visualizing The Gender Gap In College Degrees

Please feel free to give me some comments to improve and make the code clearer :slight_smile:

Visualizing+The+Gender+Gap+In+College+Degrees.ipynb (166.0 KB)

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Hello @JamesDiu! Thanks for sharing:) Your code is nice and clean although here you can improve:

  • Write a story behind your analysis. What’s the goal? The results? The conclusion? You can read more about how to structure your project here.
  • Leave more comments in you code. You are already doing a great job but what about the parts that are not commmented? Although the code is simple, in some cases (like labeling lines in the second set of plots) it took me some time to understand what you did.
  • Also why did you write “standard plots”? It would be more informative if you wrote “Line plots”. Could you further impove my comment?

Happy coding :blush: