Group countries with 1 customer to other

Hi! Does anyone have the same question?
I dont understand the case when statement in the with as table. Inside the case when There is a subquery SELECT count(*) FROM customer where country = What is the logic for the where statement? Why we have in the subquery? we only have one table from customer from the sub query, correct? and why we put subquery = 1?

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Screen Link:

My Code:

WITH country_or_other AS
           WHEN (
                 SELECT count(*)
                 FROM customer
                 where country =
                ) = 1 THEN "Other"
       END AS country,
     FROM invoice_line il
     INNER JOIN invoice i ON i.invoice_id = il.invoice_id
     INNER JOIN customer c ON c.customer_id = i.customer_id

hi @candiceliu93

This response from Bruno explains this query in detail.

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