Grow a Data Culture at Your Company

I am due to be starting a new role in August where I’ll be joining a company as the only data-person. This role is for data anayltics + BI, with future plans of dealing with IoT data coming in from 4000+ households and multiple items in each household.

I don’t mind admitting this is a daunting prospect to me, scared and nervous would be accurate words to describe how I feel along with excited and thankful for the opportunity. But one of the most consuming thoughts on my mind is how best to implement a data-driven culture to the company. This I feel is the first foundation needed before getting stuck in machine learning and whatnot.

As the data-person for the company it is my responsibility to train and inform our users how to ask better questions, how to read and understand the BI and possibly to even make use of data themselves to perform their own analysis and produce their own dashboards. Helping the cross-business functions (the subject experts) grow a more data-driven mindset will make my own job more fruitful and interesting going forward.

Rather than going into a long winded post (too late) about my own thoughts which are pre-concieved before I’ve actually tried implementing, I thought I’d share a couple of post which I felt were really interesting and hope you do to.

Congratulations on your new role, Rob! :raised_hands: And thanks for sharing these posts.