Guided Basic Project - greetings!

Hello, I’m Enrique Martínez from Colombia, a Mechanical Engineer. A beginner in Python I share to you all my guided project:

Let me know if there something missing in the project. I’m new so I followed the solved project, but I also made my own research of new functions and possible solutions.

Basics.ipynb (65.8 KB)

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Hi @jemartinezm1,

Congratulations on finishing your first project! This looks great.

I quite liked how you used your code to find which row to delete and to verify if there are any duplicates in iOS data set. So far, in most of the projects, I have seen people refer to kaggle discussion and find the row number and straight away delete them. Its great that you have used a logic to find the row with missing data.

I have one suggestion. It would have been great, if you had added more inline comments to explain the code, especially at the later part of the code where you have used merge() and takeSecond() functions. It would makes it easier to understand your code, especially a beginner like me.

There is one more suggestion, in fact. In the conclusion section, if you could conclude what you have inferred from your analysis, for eg which app we should focus because of its viability, which app category will make more sense, or profit etc, your analysis would be complete.
I hope these suggestions are useful. Once again congratulations, you did a great job with your first guided project.

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Hi @jithins23, thank you so much for your detailed review, I’m going to look back the project and follow your kind advice!

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