Guided Proj - Do students in more popular majors make more money?

I do not understand which scatterplot should be looked at to answer this question:

Do students in more popular majors make more money?

recent_grads.plot(x='Sample_size', y='Median', kind = 'scatter')
recent_grads.plot(x='Sample_size', y='Unemployment_rate', kind = 'scatter')
recent_grads.plot(x='Full_time', y='Median', kind = 'scatter')
recent_grads.plot(x='ShareWomen', y='Unemployment_rate', kind = 'scatter')
recent_grads.plot(x='Men', y='Median', kind = 'scatter')
recent_grads.plot(x='Women', y='Median', kind = 'scatter')

I read:
In any data set, the dependent or Y-variable is the one whose value depends on or is affected by the value of the independent variable

I would have thought major category(independent variable) be on x-axis and then median(median salary - dependent variable - be on y) but I do not see that on what was asked to be plotted and then the question to be answered.
Please advise?

For this particular Step, you will have to look at the data and categories yourself to figure out which ones can help you answer that question.

This has been brought up before as a point of confusion for other students as well, and DataQuest would probably update it at some point - Can someone answer this questions in 2nd chapter of Guided Project: Visualizing Earnings Based On College Majors

But, for now, the answer to that question is not dependent on the plots we are asked to create. So, you will have to create your own plot that can answer that question.

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