Guided project 1: Exploring Ebay Kleinanzeigen Car Data


Just completed the first project. I decided to aggregate about half of the brands into an “other” brand so that they could be included in the analysis. This involved selecting brands that appeared in less than 2% of the overall dataset, then building a loop that looked for the brand in the dataframe and replaced the actual brand with “Other”.

Is there a more efficient way to do this? And on second thought, I probably shouldn’t have over-written the column, but instead created a second column “brand2” so I didn’t destroy the data.

GuidedProjectOne.ipynb (250.5 KB)

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Hey cahoover,

Actually, I think you did a pretty good job by aggregating the other brands in one new category. It makes more sense to not just lose those data. About overwritting the column, I don’t think it is a problem since you are not going to use those data after all and you’ve already aggregated in one single category.

Keep up with the good work!!

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