Guided Project 1: Exploring Hacker News Posts

Hi, this is the second project of exploring Hacker News Posts.
Any feedback is welcome.

Exploring Hacker News Posts.ipynb (4.2 KB)

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Hi @AlaAlkhresheh

Welcome to the community and congratulations on finishing a guided project.
Your code looks good though I am not able to find any of the outputs.

Usually a guided project focuses on creating a project report of our analysis, not just the code.

So we usually follow a guideline of having an introduction, explanations about our code, analysis and our conclusions. This article will help you as a guideline.

Also, have a look at previously submitted guided projects on Hacker News post to get a better idea.

Hope this helps. Happy learning.


Looking at your code, I got the feeling, that you were in a hurry.
I have made this project recently and got valuable recommendations
What I’ve noticed according to your code:
Here, I suppose you should catch a mistake, because you do not have a variable “total_ask_points” because of # that marks your line as a comment

<# total_ask_points = 0>

for row in ask_posts:
num_points = int(row[3])
total_ask_points += num_points

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