Guided Project 1: Helicopter Prison Break

Hello, everyone. I am sharing my first guided project - helicopter prison break. This is my first encounter with data analysis using Python. I have completed Python Crash Course before this, so I knew most of the basics. So, I would like you guys to have a look at my project and tell me what could be done better to improve it and the notebook formatting i.e using comments and code. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Link to the last mission screen:

helicopter_escapes.ipynb (83.7 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

Hey Vishal!
Congratulations on your first project. The markdowns were very descriptive and explained the results clearly.
The way you have used comments to explain each code logic is appreciable as well.

One thing I would like to suggest is that for the attempts_per_year barplot, you could also sort the data in decreasing order of attempts so that it is a bit easier to identify peaks. Or maybe, if one wants to maintain the order of the years, then a line chart would have been a great option too.

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Thank you for respinding @sahiba.kaur.stats .

Now that you have mentioned, even I felt the same while looking at the visualization. Will make the changes.

Will surely add this once I learn more about matplotlib.

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