Guided Project 1: Prison Break 6/24

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share my first guided projects. I did my best to answer all the questions listed. For the last two questions regarding names, the name column in the data set did not distinguish between the start and end of each person’s name, so I just used each word as a separate name.

Prison Break Guided Project.ipynb (56.0 KB)

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Hi @kchitty23

Thanks for sharing your project with dataset community. The structure generally is well managed and the code lines have been well incorporated and has thus rendered the desired outputs. I like how you have managed the explanations and the subheadings, any reader can easily tell the role some of your code lines are attending to even without digging deeper onto them. Have got few suggestions;

  • You haven’t included the objectives of your project . What are these questions your project is trying to answer? Though it’s possible one can tell this by following through every workings you have have presented, but it’s always advisable to have the objectives listed in the introduction.
  • You can also consider incorporating comments in your workings, you have hardly used them. Comments ease out code lines which are complex. They also creates space for more engagement by the readers with the code lines.
  • Though you have provided the link for the dataset , this hasn’t explore much on the information background of your dataset. Good approach is to have some kind of briefing as well in the introduction about information background of your dataset .
  • Check on the display of some of your outputs. Like in cell[10,11,12..] their outputs are displayed horizontally which is okay, but you can consider having vertical display more so in the case where you want to outputs element in a dictionary. You can achieve this by avoiding print() function
  • Your project has exposed a lot of facts, not to mention country with high chances of success, country with highest number of prison break attempts, the year with the highest prison break attempts and so on… All this can be summarized in a sub-heading called ‘conclusion’ and it will boost the presentability of your project. So kindly always consider having conclusion.

Further Exploration

  • What do you think about the months? like can we say a particular month has got more escapes attempts than the other, or rather to say there is correlation between the months and the escapes attempts? I think this can further boost the informality of your project. You can think about it as you progress with your learning.

Otherwise congratulations for the good work and all the best in your upcoming projects.

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Hi, @kchitty23 !
Well done !
@brayanopiyo18 have already written a lot of useful advices, and it 's true, introduction to the project very important.
I liked how you named the variables and it’s easy to read and understand it, but I would prefer some code comments as well.
Pay attention to conclusion in line 12

From the output above, Mexico, Ireland, Brazil, Italy, Puerto Rico, Chile, and Russia need to improve their helicopter prison escape security procedure!

I don’t agree with it, because percentages lies in this case. Because the statistic for France 75% with 15 cases could be truth and Russia 100% or any other country with 1 case do not mean that those countries have poor security, more likely you do not have enough data to analyze it.