Guided Project 1: Prison Break

Hello everyone, my name is Hugo Riviere and I’ve studying on DQ from a few weeks ago. So, this is my first project guided and I don’t know if is good, I hope receive feedbacks on it. Tips and tricks, please! lol

Guided Project: Prison Break — Review | Dataquest

Basics-Copy1.ipynb (132.6 KB)
Guided Project_ Prison Break.tar (270.5 KB)

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Hi @hugoadventist

Welcome to DQ community and congratulations on finishing your first guided project. Great to see that you have taken up the extra challenges and finished that too. Great work.

Since this is your first guided project posted here, my suggestions are mainly toward the presentation of the project. An introduction, markdown cell explanations, code comments etc will make your project easy to read, faster understand and in short makes it look good. You can find a detailed style suggestion here

Adding a conclusion to your analysis is also a good idea. So these are the few suggestions I have for your project.

After seeing the usage of numpy and pandas in your project I’m sure you are very familiar with python and able to crack the guided projects easily. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects.

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Thank’s man! I’ll do this recommendations!

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