Guided Project #1 - Prison Break

Hi. Would you like autocompletion in Jupyter Notebook here in dataquest?

The first line in the notebook enables code completion. The rest of the lines are the prison break example.

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HI @dcraig327

Congratulations on finishing the first guided project. Could you please share your notebook by uploading the ipynb file?

Thanks. not really sure how. where’s the upload button

Edit: Nevermind :slight_smile:
Guided Project #1.ipynb (78.7 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @dcraig327

Congrats on your first project & its submission :+1: and Welcome to Data Quest Community!

Why did you comment the for loop in code cell 48?

Did you try creating a bar graph for country-wise attempts too?

Hi Rucha.

Thanks for the comment. Cell 48 was commented it per the instructions didn’t say todo it that way. Took a moment to understand why I was to enter the code from cell 49 as well, then went back and re-read the requirements for cell 48 and I was to only to populate the double list with zero’s.

I also didn’t know I’d be sharing the notebook after it was completed. Plus I don’t really know the purpose of notebooks in the data analyst / data science fields, like I know they’re awesome, I’m just not used to using them nor have I seen a completed one that achieved a goal set forth at the beginning of the notebook. I read a review of another notebook and, to me, it’s amazing how important using markup is. I’m used to using long variable names and short functions, to let the code talk for itself, but the examples use very short variable names and I’m guessing that’s why markup is favored so much.

Wasn’t aware I was to create a bar graph for country attempts. I’m unable to go back to fix that. I guess I’ll do that when the tutorial covers how to install and use jupyter??

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Hey @dcraig327

I didn’t realize this project comes before the jupyter installation and usage are explained. My bad :frowning:

Wasn’t aware I was to create a bar graph for country attempts.

Nope. There is no instruction for that. It was like extra tries or efforts from your end, like learning further on your own. I guess my comments on this first project were too early.

Regarding notebook, the idea is to get our hands dirty with both codes and a write-up about our approach, solution, and workarounds to both - technical and non-technical audiences. You will get this as you advance further in your chosen path. No worries. :+1:

Happy Learning!

Hi @dcraig327

Thanks for updating the post. I can see that you have followed all the instructions given in the project clearly and got the results.

And yes, there isn’t a lot of guidance on how to use jupyter notebook and more about adding code comments and markdown explanations. It will be a good idea to add more explanations to make your project an easy to read report. This guide will help you with that

Also it is a good practice to restart and rerun all the cells of jupyter kernel before submitting the notebook here. If you do that, the code cells will have sequential number starting from 1. Also if there are any errors that accidently creeped in by re-running any cells, that will also be highlighted. Anyway you will learn how to navigate jupyter notebook in the upcoming lessons. Looking forward to more projects from you.