Guided__ Project_1: Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets

Hello I’m Clinton, please feel free to comment.
Open for feedbacks and replies for improvement

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Hello, Clinton.

I’m really liking the level of detail you bring into the analysis. You also explained the steps you took quite well.

The only minor thing is to rename instances of andriod with android. If you’re planning on showing the project to a future employer, even something as small as that can impact their perception of your work.

And, when you’re in Jupyter, you can just put the variable you want to print at the end of the cell without print. Jupyter will automatically print it for you.

Also, if you’re planning to work on the project later on, consider adding some graphs to make it more visual rather than text dominant.

Otherwise, great job.


Thank you very much for the feedback, will attend to all areas that needs correction


Hey @clintojee! Thanks for sharing the project with the Community :slight_smile:

I will add a few more suggestions to what @wanzulfikri said:

  • That’s OK to describe what your code does in MarkDown for beginner projects but for more advanced projects, consider switching code comments, and assume that readers have a basic understanding of the code. For example, it is not necessary to say that the function open() opens a file :slight_smile:
  • Try to be consistent with MarkDown style. Only put the important sentences/words in bold, not entire paragraphs. The same goes for italics
  • What you delete the wrong entry, refer to the discussion about this entry. Otherwise, it is not clear why it’s wrong, and why you are removing it
  • Remove the code comments from [7]. They are of no use
  • It’s better to explain why you are removing apps with non-English-character names rather than telling how you are achieving this. Do the same for non-free apps
  • You have some typos, correct them :slight_smile: I usually use Grammarly. Its non-premium version is rather good
  • It’s not clear from the conclusions which type of app you suggest developing. It’s something students and workers can use as a reference: is it an unofficial version of Wikipedia? A forum where answers are given by experts in the field (then you need to hire them)? Clarify this.

I hope my feedback was helpful and will improve the project :slight_smile: Happy coding!


Thank you very much will see to the corrections, i really appreciate.

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