Guided Project 1: Profitable App Profiles

Hello everybody,

This is my 1st Guided Project on Dataquest. I found it challenging, but it was a learning experience.

Please take a look at my project and give me your feedback and/or suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @friendl74,

Hope you are doing great. Happy to know that you are able to make progress with your first project. Its okay if to have some guidance from the solution notebook.

I’ve checked the link you shared. I’m not sure if you have uploaded the full file or not. If you are yet to complete the whole project, let me know when it is finished. If you need any help regarding finishing the project, let me know if I can help. Also I can share with you my link of the same project. I tried to include as much explanation as possible to help others to read through it easily.

Looking forward to your reply.

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Hi All,

The notebook for my first Guided Project is here:

Feedback please?!?


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Hi @friendl74

I have sent you a message. Please check your messages folder.