Guided Project 1. Profitable iOS and Android Free App Profiles

Hi there,

It´s my very first project completed ever. I feel somewhat excited about it. I appreciate any feedback!
I´ve come to a different conclusion than the one was offered in the solution notebook. So it would be nice to hear what you are thinkng of it.

Thank you in advance!
Profitable iOS and Android App Profiles for an App-Developing Company.ipynb (99.5 KB)

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Hey @ksenia.kustanovich, it’s nice to see that you came to a different conclusion. I liked how you removed the impact of outliers in part two of the section “Most Popular Apps by Genre on the App Store”. I see that you only averaged apps that accounted for less 25% of total number of reviews. I’m curious to know why you chose 25%? Great idea on including components of social networking into your shopping app idea.


Hi! Thank you for your feedback. Glad that you liked some of the ideas.
At the moment it’s just a mix of logic and random choise. In the future I hope to be able to back up my choise with some math calculations, but first I have to deepen my knowledge in this field.

I actually made a similar decision in my analysis for the same project so I understand.

I´ve just looked through your project. Great job!
I liked a lot your way to deal with outliers, more math based.
I haven´t done any serious math calculations since my 3rd year of the university, 10 years ago. I have lots of things to refresh and to learn as well.
Good luck with your further projects!