Guided project 1 - Which genre will hit the jackpot?

I wish to receive the feedback concerning my approach to performing the project both from the technical side and from the analysis strategy perspective. Hope you guys will give me some additional hints for further improvement.

Here is the link to the last mission screen of the Guided Project -

Uploaded my notebook (.ipynb file) -
Genres popularity in App Store and Google Play.ipynb (324.4 KB)

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hey @erzinrost

Great work on this project. :ok_hand:

I do wish to highlight one thing - the importance of understanding your audience.

Your conclusion part is very detailed which even I am learning to achieve :grin: And maybe, I am not from a Native English speaking background I am biased here.

Some of the words are what we call corporate (or in this case perhaps analytics) jargon, which reflects the strong vocabulary of the presenter, but may not be relatable to a common level receiver. Since the idea for these guided projects is to be able to connect with both the people who can analyze the data and people who can utilize the results it becomes imperative that we focus more on the results and its ease of understanding.

Having said that, I do admire your command of the language. :ok_hand:. Gave me something new and at a higher level to read.

You may refer to this post for improvements here

Thank you for sharing your project.

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Dear Rucha,
many thanks for your comments! I will try my best to improve further.