Guided Project #1

I have completed my first guided project and would love feedback from the community. I would love feedback on my analysis and how I approached that. I feel as though it is somewhat surface level, but also am not certain how I could have gone deeper. I would love to hear others’ thoughts.

Link to the last mission screen of the Guided Project:

Guided Project 1.ipynb (64.5 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

I have checked the notebook and it’s excellent.

As you move forward and start doing real world projects. I will suggest you to concentrate on below points.

  1. Use Headings and subheadings to provide structure to overall projects.


> Step 1 ) Data Transformation
>        step 1.1 : Missing Values Imputaion
>        step 1.2 : Log transformation for Numeric variables
>        step 1.3 : Encoding for  Categorical variables,
  1. Print statements in case b ) looks better than case a)

      case a) print(len(dataset))
      case b) print('Number of rows:', len(dataset))
  2. Try to accumulate all your user defined function at one place in a separate (.py ) module may be . It enhances re-usability of code.

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