Guided Project - 191 - Answering Business Questions Using SQL - For Review

Hello everyone,
I recently completed Guided Project - 191 - Answering Business Questions Using SQL and thought I would share my completed project for feedback.

While I feel I’m getting the hang of SQL, I still find it a little tricky, and I’m constantly surprised by what you can do with it when I read other people’s code.

For this guided project, I tried to find the answer using different methods for the last 3 screens compared to the official solution notebook, as I found the suggested methods a little tricky.

Special thanks to juliechipko for the official solution notebook provided in the guided project against which I checked my answers and tried to go about it differently.

It should be noted that halfway through completing this course(Intermediate SQL for Data analysis), the course order was switched with another course(APIs and Web Scraping in Python) and now the API course comes before.

Please feel free to comment on my project.

Xotofloyt Guided Project - 191 - Answering Business Questions Using SQL.ipynb (30.4 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tabchinook.db (7.7 KB)

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Hi @xotofloyt
Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing your project on Answering Business Questions Using SQL. The presentation is so cool , the queries are well worked on and thus rendering good output. Just a suggestion, your project lacks an aim/object, making it hard for the reader to adapt fully with the project. Also consider adding the link of the dataset you were working on for easy access by the reader.

Otherwise congratulations! for the good work.

happy codding.

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Thank you for your feedback @brayanopiyo18. Yes, looking at my project now, it doesn’t say much. I need to provide better explanations/annotations for my work.

I uploaded the dataset I used in this project. Thanks for the tips!