Guided project 2 - Exploring Hacker News Posts

Hello every one, here is my second guided project. I will welcome feedback and criticism for improvement.

Basics.ipynb (17.2 KB)

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Hi @hwaasi , welcome back. Great to see that you have finished the second guided project. I really like how you have given the aim of the project in the name, added a summary of results at the beginning and presented your whole project. Code comments were also a good addition. Though just watch out for a couple of typos here and there in the explanation.

Just wondering if the conclusion of 13:00 EST is a converted time or a typo of 15:00 EST which had the higher average comments?

Conclusion tailored for the region of interest was also a nice touch. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next project.

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Thank you so much for your comment @jithins12 .

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