Guided Project 2: Hey, Look at my Exploring Hacker News Posts for Feedback

Hello! This is my first project I have posted and wanted feedback, I started out using the 300,000 data due to not finding the csv with only 20,000 rows. So I proceeded to filter on my own. Thank you!

Guided Project- Exploring Hacker News Posts.ipynb (35.3 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @NageMurphy,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for sharing your first project with us! It looks very well-structured, the storytelling is smooth and easy-to-follow, informative title, efficient emphasis of the most important points and pieces of code in markdown. Cool idea to summarize intermediate results throughout the project.

Here are my comments:

  • Avoid giving too technical details in the markdown explanations (e.g., the markdown before the code cell [4], before the code cell [12], then before [13], and then both the code cells [18]-[19] and their markdown surroundings.
  • In general, it’s better to exclude any examples that are not related directly to your project. Keep only the most project-specific information.
  • You imported the datetime modue twice. To avoid such duplications, just import all the necessary modules in the 1st code cell of the project.
  • Remove the last empty code cell from the project.

Hope my suggestions were useful. Happy coding!

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