Guided Project 2: The Hacker News

For my Guided Project 1, I had received valuable comments from few of you. I have worked on them and ensured that I adhere to them in this Guided Project 2.

Please continue to guide me with your comments. I need them to improve my coding.

Here is Guide Project 2 : Exploring The Hacker News.

Thank you.

Hacker News.ipynb (24.3 KB)

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Hi @faraz_llb

Thank you very much for sharing your project on Hacker News. Have gone through it and honestly I can affirm to the improvement. The introduction is excellent, the aim/goal have been well displayed, the information background of the dataset is well worked on , the conclusion is very informing, thumbs up for the good work mate. I love the way you have introduced the doctrines in most of your workings, this has made it possible for me understand some of the code lines that appeared complex.

Having said that, I think I will point out( suggest) observation that is in cell[7], having the outputs displayed vertically will increase readability, and to achieve this you can always avoid the print() function, just the way you have done in the other outputs.

Otherwise to me, everything looks nice and well presented , congratulations buddy for the good work.

Happy learning.