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GUIDED PROJECT 2: Working with Hacker News Posts

Hi guys,

I just completed my second guided project and I will love to share it with you all. I am open to feedback and constructive criticism.
Thank you :blush:

Latest mission screen of my guided project

link to notebook on github


Hi @lekanestyve

Welcome to Dataquest community and thanks for sharing your second project with the community. Honestly, the entire project is well structured. The introduction, the text/explanations given in the markdown cell, the comments , information background of the dataset, the links and the conclusion are very informative.

Have got few suggestions to make;

  • Always consider re-running your project to achieve the sequential ordering of the cells.
  • Be careful on typos,I noticed one in the explanation given below cell[14] in your second statement.
  • You ought to have added some comments to the code lines in cell[16], the workings are somehow lengthy and maybe inline comments could have done better with the code lines.

Otherwise congratulations for the nice presentation .

Happy Learning!

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Hello @brayanopiyo18

Thank you for your feedback. I found it very informative.

I have written down the points you noted and I will make sure to ameliorate on them in my next project.

Thank you once more

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That’s great @lekanestyve and all the best in your upcoming projects.

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