Guided project 2nd

I just completed my second guided project.It would very helpful if you can review and suggests more to it.
Basics.ipynb (10.0 KB)

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Hi @shrutireja11.

Good to know that you have finished your second guided project. The code and the results looks fine. But my only suggestion would be regarding using the Markdown cells and inline comments.

I feel like we can always use the markdown cells more to give a better picture of our projects. Similarly, by using inline comments, it will be easier even for us to go through the code on a later day. It also becomes easier for others to go through our code. If in case you are planning to keep these projects as your portfolio, these two points will help you. Hope this helps.

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Hi Congratulations in finishing your project!

I agree with @jithins123 Markdown Cells are a way to communicate your findings to your audience/team that is relevant when you want to be a Data Analyst / Data Scientist. Although in terms of coding, your projects needs some newlineswhen outputting your results (to avoid horizontal scrollbar present in your project). But as to what I have said, you dind’t include any Narrative to your project hence communication is lacking and doesn’t provide any “communicable insights” into your analysis.

You can find a style guide here to communicate your findings to the audience more clearly.


Thank you @jithins123 and @201812311 for this valuable suggestion.