Guided Project 3:Analysing Car Sales from Ebay

Hello Community peeps,

I would appreciate feedback on my project.

Precisely notes on

  1. Composition of comments
  2. Relevance of Markdown cells
  3. Conciseness of code
  4. Completeness of Project Instructions

Last Mission Screen:

Project notebook here
Exploring_ebay_car_sales_data_main.ipynb (83.5 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Congratulations on your project. :tada:

Try to add more explanation after each step you complete, so that third party viewer can understand what you are trying to say via this project. Also, try to conclude in a subtle way. :smile:

The code and comments provided are fine.

Happy Learning!

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Very well noted and would be worked upon. Thank you for your feedback.

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