Guided Project_3- Analysis of Ebay Used Car Data

I recently finished up the 3rd Guided Project where I breakdown Ebay Car Sales Data.

My favorite part was using the ‘1.5xIQR rule’ to isolate the outliers from the ‘Odometer_km’ and ‘Price’ Columns. Also figuring out the Pandas Series and Data-Frame Constructors, and producing a little chart with those values was really neat.
I suspect my calculation connecting ‘mean_price’ and ‘mean_mileage’ is off… :thinking:

Hopefully I can get some feedback on it, specifically how to format the type for the Review at the end. Thanks!
Exploring Car Sales Data.ipynb (102.9 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

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Hi @cameron_rex

Thanks for sharing anther project on Analyzing Ebay Used Car data. The project is well organized and nicely presented. Explanations given are so awesome, the use of comments , the introduction are so cool. I love the way you have do away with the outliers, the use of 1.5xIQR rule is indeed the best approach. The reviews you have given in the conclusion are indeed informing, thumbs up buddy for the good work. Having said that, have got few humble suggestions to put across;

  • It’s always advisable to include in the introduction, the links of the dataset you are using for easy access.
  • Check on cell[153], I think the intention was to have both first five rows in the price column and a new space(’\n’) displayed , but it never happened , I think in such cases applying print() function will help out.
  • Lastly, check on the style , more so when giving explanations, some are type in bold, some typed the normal way and so on, mixing them up don’t think is the best approach.

Otherwise to me, everything looks good and well worked, congratulations mate for the good presentation.

Happy learning!

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