Guided Project 3: Analyzing App Data

I just finished the third guided project and any feedback would be appreciated. I know I need to add headings, but let me know if the content needs to be improved or anything like that.

Here’s what we were supposed to do:

Basics.ipynb (39.1 KB)

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Hi @gradfordtingley, Thanks for sharing the project :smile:

A few suggestions from my side:

  • Correct a few orthographic throughout the project
  • it’d have been much better if you briefly discuss the data and add the link to it at the beginning, instead of sneaking it in midway.
  • Reduce the lists of categories/apps and genre to the top 10 (or perhaps 5), you don’t necessary need to see all to make decisions.
  • We don’t need to count the same app more than once, and it will actually mess up our results, so we need to find all of the rows that have duplicate data. This isn’t very clear, find a better word to explain what you mean

Great project :muscle:

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Hi, congratulations on finishing your project! :blush:
Here are my suggestions:

Your project should tell a story and be easy to navigate. For your next project you can divide your project into parts:
1. Table of Contents
2. Introduction

  • Goal:

  • Approach taken:

  • Dataset:

3. Importing Libraries
4. Data Exploration
5. Data Cleaning
6. Data Analysis
7. Conclusion

You can also add images, so your project look more like a story you are trying to tell your audience. Also, consider checking the PEP 8, which is a document that provides guidelines and best practices on how to write Python code.

Last but not least, here is the complete Markdown cheatsheet for Jupyter notebooks from IBM that can help you to create your next great project.

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Hi @gradfordtingley great project.

These are my suggestions

  • Add description about the project and the scope of your research, eith this would improve your communication about the project.

  • Add some graphs that helps to show what did you find, sone times a chart can help a lot to communicate your results

  • spend more time on the style of your project

Overall great project, just keep adding things as you learn more

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