Guided Project 3 - Car Sales Dataset

Hi everyone,
Like everyone else I finished the Guided project 3.Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data.ipynb (180.5 KB)

If you can help me to improve the quality of outputs of the notebook, I would be appreciated.

Thank you all,

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab

Hi @demircanmurat1: Perhaps you could provide more descriptions of the data using markdown as described in this tutorial. To select a cell to enter markdown into, put the cursor in the cell and press Esc + M to enter "markdown mode". This will enable you to enter content and perhaps have more descriptions and do more analysis with the data. I have also linked a markdown cheatsheet, which I use here for your reference.

Thank you for your comment. I thought that my comments would have been enough. :slight_smile: So I have to work more hard for comments.
While I was writing the coding, I can forget adding enough clear explanation- comments. And after finishing the coding, it can be hard to add the comment.
I will edit my notebook :wink: And also thanks for sharing cheatsheet

No worries. Yes its good to put some descriptions along the way to let others know what you are achieving/intend to achieve at each step.