Guided Project 3: Ebay Sales - Feedback greatly appreciated

Hi, this is my third guided project and I would be very grateful if I could be given feedback on how to improve the code as well as the analysis I carried out.

Guided Project Exploring EBay Car Sales Data.ipynb (69.0 KB)

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Hi @nyaneba1,

Thanks for sharing your project. It looks really nice: very well-structured, the code clean and well-commented, interesting storytelling and insights. Also, it was a good idea to include a description of the function in the code cell [26]. Great job!

Below are some suggestions from my side:

  • A good practice is to re-run the project when it’s already completed. In this way, you will have all the code cells in order and starting from 1.
  • Please add a conclusion to your project, summarizing the most important observations.
  • The code cell [6]: here you can simply use the rename() method. But of course also your code is correct.
  • The code cell [8]: to make the code cleaner, you can combine the first 3 lines in one (and the same about the second 3 lines).
  • The code cells [12], [13], and [14]: also here it’s better to combine the code in one line, for each of these cells.
  • About the lowest limit for price as 50$: when I was doing this project, I found some forums (unfortunately, in Russian) discussing that on the German eBay there are really some cars free of charge. But definitely, they represent very small percentage (3% of the whole dataset), so just removing them is also a solid approach in this case.

Hope my ideas were helpful. All in all, your project is very good and well-organized, congratulations!
Happy learning!

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Thank you so much for your feedback. I will definitely incorporate your suggestions into my project!

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Hi @nyaneba1

Congratulations for completing your third project on Ebay Sales. The story telling, the codes are well structured just as mentioned above, Thumbs up for that.

Have an observation to make in cell[15],I think the intention was to have the outputs of the two lines of codes, but you can see that it’s only the last line of code with the output. I think you could have included print() command in both the lines to render out both the outputs.

Happy Learning!

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Thank you! I’ll rectify the mistake

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