Guided Project 3: Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data - Any Feedback Appreciated

Hello there, dear Community! After a little break I am coming back to learning how to code again! I have completed the Guided Project 3: Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data and I’d appreciate any feedback you might have!

Ebay Guided Project.ipynb (81.2 KB)

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Hello @witoldstupnicki!

Thanks for sharing your project:)

The project is very easy to follow: you wrote only what’s strictly necessary.

Just a few suggestions:

  • You can add two bigger headings: Data Cleaning and Data Analysis to logically split the project
  • Beware of removing the cars that cost less than 50 dollars. Some of them may be just donations or the initial price for bids
  • When you sort the date_crawled column by index it’s not very evident that “the most popular day for the ad crawl was 2016-04-03, with 3.86% share”. You can sort the column by the share number. The same goes for the last_seen column.
  • At the beginning of the analysis, you may specify what are the questions you want to answer.
  • You can sort the prices by brand in the descending order
  • Good use of the corr function! But 0.56 is a pretty big number, are you sure that there is no correlation between these values?
  • There is also no correlation between those two values. = which values? You have to write that they are mileage and price otherwise it’s not very clear especially if the reader jumps straight into conclusions.

Happy coding :smile:


Thanks a lot for the tips!

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