Guided_Project_3: Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data

Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data.ipynb (132.7 KB)

Hello everyone! This is my first post. My name is Andrew. Sharing my first project. Would like some feedback regarding the project below:

Do you think format and markdown’s are sufficient? What could be improved?
Do you think my analysis is correct? If no what is wrong and what can I do to change it?
Any other feedback? Anything else that could be improved?

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Hello @drewc! Thanks for sharing:)

Here is some feedback:

  • Your project has no title! Try to think about one that summarizes the whole proejct and attracts one’s attention.
  • Write a deeper introduction. What are the main objectives of the project? Are you trying to find any correlation? Do you want to give an advice for someone who wants to sell their car on Ebay?
  • Describe better the dataset you’re using. What information does it contain?
  • Be clearer in your text: like what do you mean by renaming of columns (CamelCase)? I have seen plenty of the projects on this dataset so I know that you’re supposed to convert columns’ names from the CamelCase to the preferred Pythonic snake_case but for someone who reads this project for the first time your goal won’t be clear.
  • Comment your code! It’s very useful to understand what your code does (especially for you after months of not reading this code). Even though, in this project the code is fairly simple it’s good to get used to commenting it.
  • You can use multiple str.a_method functions in one line, one after another. Just think if your code is still readable.
  • You can include descriptive text to your print() statements to improve readability. I refer to the max and min values of odometer and price. You can use the format() method to include your variables into a string.
  • Why did you choose these prrices? Could you provide more explanation?
  • Well done on using the lambda function! It’s quite advanced.
  • Could you write a more comprehesive conclusion? That’s why you need to better define the question you want to answer at the beginning of the project and then wrap up all the results in conclusions.

Overall, I liked your project. It’s neat and has no major issues. I hope my feedback will be helpful to you :blush:

Happy coding, Andrew :smile:

@artur.sannikov96 thanks for your feedback.

This is my second project which I managed to do completely on my own, with the help of my notes. I did take some other courses on another Course site. Now I’m just focusing on the Data Science Path on Dataquest.

Thanks for your help as you can see I’m still a beginner. Will take note of your comments and improve on my work.

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