Guided Project 3: Exploring Ebay Car Sales Data

Hi all!
Here is my first upload of project. I encourage to check it and let me know what I should correct or add.
Thanks for yor time and attention!

Exploring ebay cars.ipynb (111.2 KB)

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Hi @dominikzalewski97

Thanks for sharing your first guided project on exploring ebay car sales. I have gone through your work and i found it well presented and structured. The introduction, the aim of the project and the conclusion
are so informative.

Here are some notes :

  • I think could be a good idea to add more code comments so that when you go back to the project after a while it will be easier for you to remember some of the more complex steps.
  • Also It’s better to re-run the project when it’s completed, to have all the code cells in order and starting from 1.
  • I noticed that you converted date columns to numeric type it sounds to me strange as it denied the fact that they are date could you explain your viewpoint please and if this was useful for your analysis? .

That’s all from my side. Hope it was helpful.
Good luck with your next projects and happy learning.

Hi @gehadeltabakh
Thanks for your tiime!
I made changes as you recommend.

As far as my conversion column from datetime to numeric is concerned, I did it, because it was written in next steps for data cleaning. In my opinion, it contributed to reduce dataframe width (after change dates doesn’t have “-” character). So it was useful to read dataset easier.

I also found on stackoverflow that this conversion is often practise in some models, so this is good habit maybe.

Thanks @dominikzalewski97 good to know new thing.

I like that you used normalize to see distributions.

One thing of note: you can use replace() instead of map() in a lot of situations. replace() will save you a lot of time b/c you don’t need to repeat the values that don’t need changed. For instance, lpg just stayed as lpg but you had to map it using map. replace() would have just let you skip over that.

Thanks for your tip! Nice to know that.