GUIDED PROJECT 3:Exploring eBay Car Sales

Hello Everyone, I can’t imagine working with pandas in my 3rd project .But with the help of the plattform (DataQuest), I have managed . please guys, have a look and I welcome all the suggestions and likes ,as this will create positive impact in this journey of data science.

here is the screen link

have a look at my+3rd+guided+project.ipynb (146.9 KB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hello @brayanopiyo18 thanks for sharing your project. Taking a quick glance at your project the title is somehow not Okay. Let the title be about the work you are doing. Something like (My 3rd guided project) shouldn’t be part of the project title. I’ve really liked your project; it is well styled, detailed explanations these makes your project easy to follow along.

Once you’ve learned data visualization, it would be great if you come back to this project and do some Graphical Data Analysis this will make the analysis more interesting and you may gain more insights from it

Happy Learning!

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Thanks alot for the clarification .I am much pleased with your concern.