Guided Project 3: Exploring eBay Car Sales

This project is built using pandas & NumPy library of Python. All the feedbacks are welcome. It’s been an amazing learning journey until now. Hoping to build more interactive projects. I have tried my best to write code user-friendly & easily readable.

Exploring eBay Car Sales Data.ipynb (140.3 KB)

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Hello @adityamodi1113! Thanks again for sharing the project with the Community:)

Most of my feedback for this project is still valid:) Your code is clean and is also documented with comments (they are very important to make other people and the future you understand the code).

Here is some feedback:

  • Write an introduction and tell the readers what are the question you want to answer in the project
  • Consider writing a short summary of the main findings in the beginning of the project
  • Import all the libraries in the first code cell. It helps the readability
  • In each section, write down what you are going to do here and why
  • It’s better not to write code comments in a separate code cell but in the same cell where you code is
  • You have some typos. Consider using Grammarly tot correct them.
  • Make titles cleaner. They explain well the section but Exploring brand column based on no. of sales, mean_price & mean_mileage can be change to something like Exploring brand column based on the number of sales, mean price, and mean mileage
  • In cell [56] there is no plot!
  • Some code cells still lack code comments and sometimes it’s difficult to understand what it does. Like in cell [54].
  • In cell [69] you have the SettingWithCopyWarning warning. Be careful because it means that your code may behave in an unexpected way. You may read more about this warning here.

Hope these suggestions are useful. Happy coding :smile:

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