Guided Project 3: Exploring German eBay Car Sales Data - Posting for Feedback


I started learning with Dataquest a few months ago, and like many others, this is my first post to the community. I would love to hear any feedback you have regarding the code or writing style. I try to be as clear as possible, but I’m still learning how to use the terminology correctly. Thanks!

Exploring+eBay+Car+Sales+Data.ipynb (95.3 KB)

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Hi @myers.petera
Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your project on Exploring eBay Car Sales Data .The project looks cool, the introduction is so informing, the explanations given are just wonderful. I love the way you have organized some of the stages , into problems, they have been well worked on and nicely presented, thumbs up for the good work. have got few suggestions;

  • you have hardly used the comments, kindly consider including them in your upcoming projects.
  • It’s also advisable to re-run the entire project to have sequential numbering of the code cell, you will notice that the last 3 code cells have not been numbered.
  • also since you were exploring the eBay car Sales, I think adding for example the most expensive car and so on, in the conclusion, will make the conclusion to be more informing.

Otherwise to me, everything looks nice and well presented, all the best in your upcoming project.

Happy learning!

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