Guided Project 3 - Exploring Hacker News Posts

Hello Guys,

I am excited to share my solution to the Hacker news project here with everyone. I am becoming more confident with creating for loops😅. In the course of this analysis, I explored some additional options of my own. I also proposed some probable factors that could have led to the conclusions I arrived at.

Any feedback will be appreciated. I am always happy to hear from different perspectives regarding any part of the project. :smiley:

Cheers to learning more and getting better🙌

Link to the last mission screen here

Link to the notebook file on GitHub

notebook.ipynb (1.2 MB)

Click here to view the jupyter notebook file in a new tab


Hi @israelogunmola

Thanks for sharing another inspiring project with the DQ community. The project looks really great, the introduction part , the observations made , the doctrines used, the conclusion and recommendations are very informing. I love your visualization part, those graphs displayed are so attractive :star_struck: keep it up mate for the good work.
It’s also very interesting how you have engaged for loops, they appeared almost to every code cell in your project. Also, the speed at which you are doing the projects is encouraging , and I am confident that this project will serve as guideline to most of the students in this community.
Have got one suggestion;

  • You can consider having your findings in the introduction as well though in a summary way. This will prompt the reader to engage fully with your project to confirm the same.

Otherwise , congratulations mate and wishing you the best in your upcoming project.


Thank you very much for the feedback @brayanopiyo18. I really appreciate the time you put into sharing this with me. I am happy you noticed the for loops😅 (I figured that If I was going to get better with them, I have to keep looking for avenues to use them in my code).

I devote 4 - 5 hours of study time to DataQuest everyday (Sundays exclusive), I think this is what helps me with the project speed. I am loving the learning experience so far🤩.

I totally agree with your suggestion: It would be a GREAT idea to include a summary of my findings in the introduction. Thanks for pointing this out.:raised_hands:

Cheers to learning more and more!

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This is so great @israelogunmola

Looking forward to interact more of your projects :smile:

Happy coding :tropical_drink: :tropical_drink:

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@israelogunmola Good, complete understanding of the project. Liked your work.

Keep up the good work.


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I am glad you liked it @ashwin86rajan. Thank you very much :raised_hands:

Clean code and good result

You stay in Nigeria?

Thank you for the feedback @kaelookoro. Yeah I am based in Nigeria :+1:

You work with Python?

Yeah :cowboy_hat_face: and I have been learning alot of that here

That’s great, because I’m looking for Dev Vacancies here in Nigeria

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Wow, This is so nice, well detailed.

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